Color Forecast for 2016

There was a time when expressing ourselves with colour was limited to natural dyes derived from bark, flowers, leaves, minerals and even ground insects. Some dyes were so rare and considered so lovely, that only royalty was allowed to wear them – hence “royal blue” or “royal purple.” Colour was a status symbol and an indication that the person using it was wealthy enough to have the time to indulge in a frivolous endeavour.

As the ability to produce a wider range of pigments in a less costly manner evolved, our use of colour increased. It has taken on a very important role in most peoples lives. Colour trends speak volumes about the societal conditions of the time, and can evoke memory and association almost immediately. Colour is strongly associated with time. For example the youthful energy of the sixties reflected in the psychedelic colour combinations, the 70’s earthy back to nature feel or the vibrant day glow of the 80’s.

Check out this link for a wonderful walk through the past 50 years of colour:

When building a home there are so many colour based decisions to be made. Colour preference is personal, yet there is a force out there that strongly influences the colour material selection at any given time. In your own home, there are materials that are likely to be changed rapidly, and others that may not be changed for decades. The people who produce all of these, want to make the correct decisions to ensure that their products are timely and desirable.

The colour forecast industry is complex, influential and steers billions of dollars in business decisions yearly. It may surprise you to know how involved the process of colour trend forecasting is; world political and economic health, as well as societal trends and even weather conditions are all considered when determining what the colour trends will be. This information is used to determine what state of mind the average person may be in, and what psychological reaction they may have to certain colours.

Pantone has undoubtedly been the authority of colour forecasting for more than 50 years.They forecast colour pallets for fashion, home and industrial design. They are a voice that is listened to in board rooms, and design studios all around the world.

So what is the Pantone Colour Forecast for 2016?

Off whites are considered to be strongly on trend but in truth there are actually 77 forecasted colours for home interior for 2016 contained within 9 palettes.

For interior design forecasting there are nine new colour palettes.

Natural Forms – natural source warm clay, and beige’

Dichotomy – metallic silver, sun yellow and bright cobalt blue with softer shade

Ephemera – delicate blue, peach and yellow

Lineage – navy, black, tan and regimental greens

Soft Focus – smoky subtle muted colours

Bijoux – jewel tones

Merriment – cheerful shades of yellow greens pinks and oranges

Footloose – outdoor colour

Mixed Bag – eclectic patterns and prints with intense colours like black, manderine, violet, and orange

For those who really rely on the forecast, there is a book and colour swatch set available for purchase from Pantone. For casual inquiry, an internet search will give you images of the colour palettes.

The influence on the major paint manufacturers can be seen by looking at a sampling of the top colours of the year for 2016.

Besides the fashion and design palettes created by Pantone there is usually a colour of the rear, however the recently announced Pantone colour of the year for 2016 is actually 2 colours for the first time.

picture 1.png

Meet “Rose Quartz” 13-1520 and “Serrentiy” 15-3919

Described as ”a harmonious paring of colours, calming and relaxing shades that speak to a desire for peace and balance,  gender equality.”

picture 2.jpgcolour forecast 4.jpg

Well, let’s hope they’re right. I am sure we would all like to see the world move toward harmony, peace and gender equality, but you can be sure you will see the influence of the forecasted colours in the products available for you to purchase.

Above all, whatever colours you choose for your new home be sure they make you happy!


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