Features I’m crushing on

During my time at Kent Homes, I’ve had the opportunity to see some amazing design features and interior items that help to create a beautiful space. Here is a round-up of some of my absolute favourites, which I hope you enjoy too!

SAX free-standing tub

The SAX free-standing tub by MAAX caught my attention on day one. It’s old world elegance mixed with a touch of modern flare makes it a beautiful, yet functional feature to any bubble bath lover out there; Add the ability to order it with a range of coloured skirts and it moves from functional to focal point.


feb 19 blog image 1.jpg

Transom Windows

I am a lover of natural light, especially in kitchens and bedrooms. The sleek and linear feel of transom windows as seen below placed horizontally high on a wall adds an airy feeling to any room.  Natural light flooding into a living space just seems to add happiness naturally.

feb 19 blog image 2.4.jpg

Sun rooms

Another way to get l living space flooded with sunlight is to add a sun room.  A sun room addition comes with the added bonus of naturally generated heat during those long winter months.  As a lover of a good book my thought is…what better space to cozy up in your favourite chair and read a classic? Below is our Dupuis model which showcases beautifully the addition of a sun room.

feb 19 blog image 3.2.jpg

White Cabinetry 

As you may have seen from my white and avocado themed cottage, I am a big fan of white cabinetry. As a colour trend that’s on the rise, I definitely see the appeal of having a lighter shade rather than a darker one on my kitchen cabients. Many of the homes that we’ve built recently showcase white cabinets in the kitchen.

feb 19 blog image 4.1.jpg

A-Frame Cottages 

 Since I was young, I’ve loved the look and feel of an A frame style home or cottage for both it’s unique potential attic space and exterior appeal of the high roof pitch. Below is our Lunenburg model, which is my future dream home.

feb 19 blog image 5.1.jpg

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