Crush Worthy Kitchen Accessories

It’s all in the details… Accessorize your kitchen for maximum convenience.

How a kitchen looks should never overshadow the importance of how it functions and when it comes to functionality in a kitchen small details make a big difference!  Once you pass the big issue of layout and the work triangle the next logical step may be to consider what conveniences you can add to your kitchen design.

Our friends at Glenwood tell us the number one kitchen accessory “must have” to them is a recycling bin pull out and we couldn’t agree more! Nothing spoils the look of a kitchen as quickly as a messy garbage can sitting in the room.

2016-02-17 Crushworthy image 1.png

The recycling centre pull out allows you to separate your waste and keep it neatly out of sight as well as helping to control odour.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 2.png

Among the accessories that can be added for very little cost  consider…

Cutlery dividers designed to fit your drawers give a nice finished look and will save cleaning aggravation.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 3.png

Spice rack drawer inserts keep spice bottles readily on hand and visible.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 3(1).png

A sliding towel bar will keep those dish towels drying out of site.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 4.png

False front trays give a nice spot to store scrubbers and hand soap out of sight.2016-02-17 crushworthy image 12.png

Tray dividers are often added to narrow base cabinets but by adding tray dividers and a deep fridge upper cabinet you can reclaim an otherwise limited space.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 5.png

It is surprising how much more accessible storage you can get by upgrading base cabinets with the addition of pot and pan drawers or roll out trays.

2016-02-17 crushworthy image 8.png2016-02-17 crushworthy image 7.png

If you happen to have an exposed cabinet end on an island, peninsula or even bank of wall cabinets that may be the perfect space to incorporate a wine-rack or open shelving for decorative serving items.2016-02-17 crushworthy image 9.png

Among the more costly upgrades available are roll out shelving sections.  These sections provide a huge amount of visible and accessible storage for small items.  Available in a range of widths and heights these pull outs are also great to add to bath vanities for cosmetics and medications or larger versions can be added to walk-in closets for shoe and accessory storage.


2016-02-17 crushworthy image 10.png

Of course these are just a few of my favourite kitchen accessories; the possibilities are endless! Consider adding some conveniences to your dream kitchen.

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