Designing my happy home

During my time spent at Kent Homes, I’ve developed a fascination for small spaces and their seemingly endless interior design options.

This afternoon, I had the chance to sit down with Laura and use her Chief Architect program to create my 555 square foot “happy home,” an avocado-themed cottage with elegance, charm and a splash of modern taste.
The first thing I thought about was the kitchen. Many people tend to spend the majority of their time cooking, or cleaning in the kitchen space- so I wanted to make it an area that both carried the open concept feel, with more than enough storage space.

It was important for me to incorporate light into the kitchen, so we added a beautiful transom window over the sink, while the white cabinets with glass panels and colourful backsplash also help to create a sense of cheerfulness.

image 3.1.jpg

The avocado shade is shown on the counter top, tap fixture and even on my cooking utensils!
Laura and I were back and forth as to if we should have a medium size dining room table, or a modern breakfast table with two chairs. Eventually, we went with the breakfast table which allowed for more living room overall.
I am very happy with the choice!

In a small, open concept home I have noticed that it’s still just as crucial to have defined spaces without the use of walls. When we designed the living area, I found that the use of a rug works to anchor that space and help to define it.

Laura and I choose a modern couch over a more traditional one, to match the decorative theme of my cottage. Of course, the rectangular rug carries the avocado-like colours, which I adore.
With the fireplace insert, you can either lay cozy on the couch and watch television on the entertainment centre, or grab a book from the bookshelf and relax in the modern white armchair and read, while glancing out the window.

image 4.1.jpg

When it came to the bedroom, I really wanted to have a “his and hers” nightstand, which Laura managed to fit in, along with some wonderful lamps to compliment the tables.

Additionally, I originally thought we may have to design a bed in a box sleeping structure for the bedroom, but much to my surprise the queen size bed left more than enough space to walk around.

I was anxious to find a place where I could showcase my favourite colour seafoam, in a fitting way. Given that the bathroom had a window and a light shade of flooring, what better opportunity!

image 6.1.jpg

As you can see, the seafoam wall colour truly compliments the other features to my bathroom in a nautical way.
I’ve come to notice that most people have a designated spot in their home for a small work station. Laura had the great idea to use a spare nook opposite the bedroom to have computer desk and cream coloured chair to use while enjoying the natural light coming from the window placed just beside the desk.

Overall, I had a fun time working to design a home that not only makes me incredibly happy, but one that I hope to build one day with Kent Homes!

image 5.1.jpg

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