Why you should live in a tiny house

There is no doubt that the tiny house movement is growing, but why? Who are these people who feel they want to live in a tiny house? You may be surprised at how diverse the answer is.

Let’s start with the simplest appeal…1(3).jpg

Tiny homes are cute.  Who didn’t love their play house or tree fort as a child?  Most of the very popular tiny homes are well designed with a great deal of attention given to architectural balance and finishes resulting in appealing exteriors and light filled interiors.


There can be an emotional component to tiny space living…
Whereas large open rooms can feel very impersonal and cold small spaces feel comforting to many people.  Being able to see the boundaries of our living space creates a sense of security and control.  When you think about it we often design our homes with a lot of room to just walk around things.


Life experience…
Experience above possession…tiny homes appeal to people who want to go out and adventure bringing back memories rather than things.  Living in a tiny space tends to make us interact with the world more.  If the space you live in is tiny you may be more likely to expand your living to the outdoors or to get out and interact with people more.

There are those who see tiny homes as the perfect option for seasonal living, a great cottage that offers all the necessities without requiring major maintenance.


Income potential…
As the fascination with tiny houses grows the opportunity exists to set up tiny homes as short term rental properties; giving people an opportunity to explore small space living without fully committing to the lifestyle.

Assisted living
Tiny homes can offer independence to people who may need some level of assisted living but value the idea of their own home.


Communal living…
From the fee living communes of the 60’s to gated communities of more recent decades there has always been a segment of society who find the concept of “village” living desirable.  Pocket neighborhoods of tiny houses combined with shared services are working their way into the makeup of larger cities and the dreams of many.

Maintaining a tiny home can free up resources for travel.  Giving “snowbirds” a little place to roost near the grand kids or fledglings their own little nest to return to when exploring their world.


Global footprint…
Perhaps the most dedicated and long established tiny home enthusiasts are those who are sensitive to their global footprint, and embrace a minimalist lifestyle.

Examining the reasons behind the appeal of tiny house living may help give perspective when planning your dream home.   Although true “tiny” house living may not be for everyone most people who choose to live in a tiny space have given it a great deal of thought and the reasoning may be helpful, inspirational even…

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