Dream Tiny, The Workshop Review

This past week I had the privilege of attending the “Dream Big Go tiny” tiny home building seminar in Peabody, Mass. with 2 of my co-workers.  The interest in tiny homes has been growing and more customers are asking us how to shape their ‘smaller dreams’. Although building teeny tiny RV type homes is not our goal we wanted to see what we could learn from the tiny living experts at Tumbleweed.

03-02 Dream Big Go Tiny Images (2).jpg


A founding force in the tiny house movement; Tumbleweed Tiny House Company continues to work hard at perfecting the extreme range of tiny house living.  Although they have expanded into building homes for clients a big part of this company’s philosophy has always been to encourage people to build their own tiny homes and Tumbleweed has produced a series of adorable plans for small custom built RV homes.

These very well designed home plans range from 6’8” by 18 to 7’7” by 26 give or take a bit.  Most models also have a full sized bed loft and a small secondary loft that could accommodate a single bed, reading nook or extra storage.  They are designed to be built on a trailer frame like an RV but are suitable to be lived in year round if desired.

We were not at all sure what to expect of the weekend.  Paul, Julian and I arrived early on day 1 and the room was nearly empty but they were set up for a large crowd and, sure enough, over 100 people entered the room within the next 20 minutes.

The course material was well planned and presented.  They really walked us through how to build a Tiny home from wheels to finish.  Good solid experienced advice was given on each aspect of the build including how to finish and furnish it and they touched on timing and financing as well as some of the legal issues.

03-02 Dream Big Go Tiny Images (3).jpg

The event was well run with interesting speakers including a designer of tiny homes, a young lady who toured North America with her partner in a tiny home, a gentleman who was well over 6 foot tall and just started living in his tiny home and a young lady who is in the process of building a tiny home as an art project in the middle of Concord, Mass.  The speakers were knowledgeable, accessible and really delivered a great experience.  Overall I would suggest anyone considering embarking on the journey to build your own tiny RV should attend one of these workshops to be sure you are realistically prepared.

By the end of the weekend I was convinced I could live in the less than 200 square feet! …Well ok I could if I genetically modified my over 6’10” tall husband and sold my teenager.  Julian was feeling inspired and feeling like big homes are so wasteful and perhaps he could live in tinier space and Paul felt he could build one and add it as a closet to a 1600 square foot bungalow…oh well, diverse opinions make us interesting, right?

03-02 Dream Big Go Tiny Images (1).jpg

Who wants to live in a tiny house?  Why do people want to live in Tiny Houses?   How does the Tiny House movement relate to modular Homes?  What sort of Tiny home can our Dream Builders build for you?  These topics are all things I intend to touch upon in upcoming blog posts.  So as the Friendly Giant used to say… “here’s a big chair for two of you to curl up in” yes I know…age give away…but the little scene in front of the fireplace comes close to the level of cute in tiny homes.

TTFN – Laura




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