Details Make The Tech Ceiling Something To Talk About

Can a ceiling add as much design impact as a floor? We think so……

The basic concept blends traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail with modern angles and a cool sophisticated accent colour creating a key design feature and quite honestly a real conversation piece.

There are 3 key features to eye catching design:
• Texture and pattern
• Detail and craftsmanship
• Finding the right colour

Applying this general rule to the ceiling of the Tech home for example…

Texture and pattern

Believe it or not wallpaper adds the texture and pattern in the recessed trays of the Tech home ceiling.  Wallpaper is making a comeback; and why not? It is a versatile and cost effective way to add visual interest and when used as creatively as it is here, it becomes something truly special.
If the ceiling alone isn’t enough of a conversation starter…everyone has a story about wallpaper!

Detail and craftsmanship

The well balanced trays help define space in both the living room and master bedroom.  The gentle arc of the deep crown mouldings adds elegance and an old world craftsman ship that is instantly recognizable, providing the perfect blend of modern impact and timeless charm.  The mouldings are emphasized by a combination of natural light from below and recessed lighting placed within the trays.

Finding the right colour

The pastel accent used in the ceiling treatment and picked up through the room adds a softening touch to the stronger more vibrant colours chosen to compliment the tone on tone theme of the home.  The color draws the eye subtly, adding to the lofty feeling of the sloped ceilings.  The stronger colours and textures of the furniture provide visual grounding.

If you would like to view the Tech Home or Tour Kent Homes, feel free to give us a call at      1 888 294 1222




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