The feeling of the real world…

As a university student, half of my year consisted of staying up late cramming for exams to occasionally (hardly ever…) missing a class to catch up on some “z’s.” I am currently a third year marketing student at Crandall University. Like any other 21 year old student, you can find me running off to adventure in all of the beautiful places in the world that take my breath away.


With my school year coming to a close, I was looking for a new adventure.  Over the past three years I was Lifeguard. I spent the entire summer outside teaching children and adults how to swim. With my degree in business almost finished; I was really looking forward to finding a summer job in my field of study. From January to May I spent my days in search for an office job- I believed that would be where I would head to next. After countless applications, I found my perfect opportunity! My marketing professor’s final exam was an interview process. The interview was for Kent Homes – Social Media Coordinator. This was how I found out about this job… After the exam I searched for the job online and found it. I was Very excited for this opportunity as it was everything I was looking for.

After my interview with the marketing and sales team at Kent Homes I was so excited. I knew it would be an unbelievable opportunity and a great way to spend my summer. This was a different adventure compared to my friends traveling through Europe or New Zealand. This adventure was to the real world – the world of cubicles! On my first day of work I had no idea what to expect. During the interview we had spoken of many great ideas on how to promote the brand and new marketing techniques. The week began with very early mornings!!! Like anyone starting a new job, I was eager to view what I would be working on for the summer. We first began with tours with an overview of how the modular homes are created and the process. The rest followed with getting into the fun parts for my position.


Before coming into work, I believed Kent Homes was going to be very organized and a group atmosphere. I saw from my interview that a lot of work would be created and shown together. After my first week all of my assumptions were true. The marketing and sales team carried an open door policy. The team was always available for questions or assistance with the new week assignments. I felt very welcomed and believed that this would be a great experience to learn everything the team could teach me over the summer. During the few days where we started work I found myself adoring everything I was doing. I didn’t feel myself working, what I was doing was fun and innovative. I was creating ways to help the consumer find and learn what we do.  I was surprised to have a second summer student as a social media coordinator with me. This was great, there was another person to work with, communicate with on ideas, and compare notes on our marketing views over the summer.

The office was a lot smaller than I had expected. Everyone was eager to meet myself and Ian (the other social media coordinator) and hear our backgrounds as to how we found out about this position and what made us so interested in it. The back of the office was the department that created the modular homes. The space was very organized, I viewed how detailed the workers were and the steps that were taken to make these homes the best way possible. I learned that we can create almost any house that people want. I never knew that houses could be so customizable… it was very exciting to tell everyone how easy and simple the process can be with Kent Homes versus a contractor.


I am overjoyed to begin to see how much I will learn from all of the workers here at Kent Homes. I hope that we can show everyone how simple and personable the company is. These people are willing to do anything for you to have your dream home made and created in the easiest way possible- that is something not many can say!

I can’t wait to see where this summer takes Kent Homes and myself

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