Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs….

To celebrate our new website and look we’ve launched a new series of fun site signs celebrating the most important people in our family, the families and home owners who take us into their family each and every day. We hope you’ll see these signs popping up in a neighborhood near you and when you […]

We’re Making History

As the leading Atlantic Canadian modular home manufacturer we’ve got quite a rich history here at Kent Homes. When K.C. Irving decided that the employees in his logging camps needed a better place to live and work he just went ahead and built them, and from that great beginning we were born. Staying true to […]

Details Make The Tech Ceiling Something To Talk About

Can a ceiling add as much design impact as a floor? We think so…… The basic concept blends traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail with modern angles and a cool sophisticated accent colour creating a key design feature and quite honestly a real conversation piece. There are 3 key features to eye catching design: • […]

Scoop on poop

So here is the thing…I have absolutely no place writing about lawn care because in truth I don’t do lawn care.  None! I let the critters eat what grows and that means I was apparently out of date by the last quarter of the 1800’s.  A quote taken from a great lawn care book written […]

Shower or Bathtub – Do I need both?

I am sure of it but I can’t really remember it.  So a couple weeks ago I attempted to re-capture this wonderful relaxing experience.  I say attempted because what I discovered is I apparently lack the patience to actually prepare and soak in a tub.  In fact once I thought about it I am pretty […]