Study Space

With school starting back up again shortly, find the best places to study this school year!

10 Best Hiking and Cycling trails in New Brunswick

We’ve got another gorgeous weekend coming up in New Brunswick!  For some of us, this means spending time with the kids at different sporting events or relaxing by the pool. For others, this is a rare opportunity where time is on your side to do something different and exciting.  New Brunswick has some of the […]

Nurse writes a prescription for her new home

I love getting a chance to go out in the plant and see the houses on the production line, alot of that joy is seeing what people have chosen to do with their homes. Being a custom home builder allows the customer buying their new home to have their personal stamp on the home and […]

12 treats for this 4th of July

For those who are planning to have a gathering of friends or family over or just relax for the day. Here are some unique ideas that can be made in little to no time to celebrate your independence day in style! Independence punch This punch is a special treat all ages. With the July weather […]

Not another “university” job !

Back in February 2016 I was at school in Ontario. All my friends at the time had begun the search for summer employment. Most were searching for the typical university jobs; bar tending, serving, landscaping, retail sales etc. After spending the last 2 years in Australia doing these types of jobs, I decided I would […]

The feeling of the real world…

As a university student, half of my year consisted of staying up late cramming for exams to occasionally (hardly ever…) missing a class to catch up on some “z’s.” I am currently a third year marketing student at Crandall University. Like any other 21 year old student, you can find me running off to adventure […]